I wish I had seen these sketches a lot sooner. Tight, funny, and making something universal out of a chunk of history you get the basics of in public school and that’s it.

"Heroes of History: Lewis and Clark" by Lost Moon Radio [Ep 1] [Ep 2] [Ep 3]

Three impeccable 90-second passive-aggressive conversations.

These are incredible.

Love it. Reminds me of this:

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Whoah! Saw this on Facebook and just HAD to share!!! ;)

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This guy really blew it.

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Anonymous said: Hey can you do more shakespearean sonnets out of modern songs?? cheers!

Hey, maybe! I’m not writing for the editorial team anymore, but it could be fun to try writing some more current ones.


If Popular Songs Were Shakespearean Sonnets

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Here’s an old thing I wrote! The songs are no longer topical, but I still like it.

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There sure are a LOT of beers named after bodily fluids…

Quiz - Can You Tell Which Of These Crazy Beers Are Real?

I feel like I know a fair amount about beer and I still got a bunch of these wrong.

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